Like the turnover tax law of other EU member-states, German turnover tax law is based on the legal imperatives stipulated by the European Union. In spite of this common legal basis, however, Germany has a large number of special features in its turnover tax law that must be observed. The rules on turnover taxation are becoming ever more extensive – German courts issue an endless flow of new judgments, new formalities and registration obligations and increasing strictness in matters of liability and financial penalties. In order to exclude financial risks in Germany, through erroneous calculations for example, but also to keep the administrative burden to your company as low as possible, VAT planning is indispensable. Isensee International operates offices in Munich and Hamburg. Isensee International is proud of its network of VAT experts across Europe. Please ask for references! 

As a firm of German tax advisors Isensee International Tax Accountants could support also your company through comprehensive German VAT planning:


  • VAT registrations in Germany
  • VAT refund service for non-registred foreign companies
  • Tax assessment of individual case situations in deliveries and services both from and to Germany
  • Optimal construction of VAT service relationships in Germany
  • Optimization of input VAT on certain sales in Germany
  • Support during special VAT audits carried out by the German fiscal authorities
  • Out-of-court and court appeal proceedings in Germany